About Kelly

Kelly Powell is the owner and operator of Kelly's Cakes & Sweet Tooth ATX.  Born and raised in Austin, Texas. She has a deep love for family, music, food and fun.  In the 20+ years that she spent working in the service industry, her understanding of the art of cooking and food preparation grew as well as her enthusiasm for learning new things.  What started out as a mild obsession, turned into a true passion for cooking.  It wasn’t until she moved to San Antonio, Texas in 2006 that she had the opportunity to explore the artistic side of food.  

During her time in San Antonio, she avidly pursued the art of baking and cake designing.  As an artist, the concept of cake designing came fairly easily to her.  She spent years honing her recipes, learning new decorating techniques and studied the finer points of cake decorating. In January of 2008, Kelly’s Cakes was created, and in 2011 she brought her business back home to Austin.

As of March 2014, Kelly's Cakes has operated as a cottage, home bakery business at 4505 Truth Way Austin, Texas 78725. 

As of July 2021, Sweet Tooth ATX has operated as a food enterprise selling treats to restaurants & cafes, and at farmer's markets. For more information, visit www.SweetToothATX.com.